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Off Grid Energy Independence
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Portable wind turbine for clean energy anywhere

With the Trinity wind turbine, created by Janulus, anyone can generate clean energy anywhere, store it for when needed and even sell the excess energy not required. The Trinity comes in four different models and is light and portable. The more powerful models can store enough electricity to power a home.
An earlier version of the Trinity has already proved popular. Now, the Trinity 50 is able to convert into a three-blade, horizontal wind turbine with a 50-watt power generation which is ideal for camping. Trinity 400, 1000 and 2500 have increasing levels of power and also convert from horizontal to vertical axis turbines. Each turbine model has the ability to generate its power capacity with wind speeds as low as four miles per hour, with an auto stop for very high winds.
The Trinity 400 will fully charge in 3-4 hours and will then charge an iPhone 16 times. And with the Trinity mobile app the blades can be turned on and off whilst the app provides information such as wind speed and electricity generated.
Janulus suggest electric cars can be charged with the Trinity wind turbine, which can be mounted outside a home or mobile home.
Janulus is hoping the Trinity will begin shipping at the beginning of 2016 if all goes to plan, and is currently fundraising to make this possible.
Source and images: Janalus and Kickstarter
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