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Wireless disposable sensor applications

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging market trend involving medical, healthcare, sports, logistics and many other applications. Intelligent and smart sensors are used for measuring various parameters that increase our knowledge of ourselves and of the environment around us. Enfucell SoftBattery® is a key enabling technology for many wireless disposable sensor applications and will be showcasing examples of products that have been developed in collaboration with their partner network.
Golf sensor patch is an example of a wireless sports sensor platform. The disposable patch is attached to a golf club head for helping golf players to improve their swing. The acquired data is transferred via low energy Bluetooth (BLE) to an application on a mobile device. Enfucell battery powers the BLE data transmission without additional capacitor demonstrating the highest peak power capability in the industry. Battery is also fully integrated to the system. A similar patch can be tailored for other racquet sports, shooting, bowling, etc.
Disposable skin related wearables include multisensor patches and iontophoresis applications. Skin patches are used for measuring bio-parameters such as ECG, respiration, orientation and activity. Wireless communication using BLE allows the patient to move freely during the monitoring period. A dedicated software is used for analyzing the data. Iontophoresis is an effective method for improving the impact of active molecules, not only in cosmetics but also in medical applications for controlled dosing of drugs. A small integrated battery supplies suitable current for the process.
Cold chain monitoring is becoming increasingly important in pharmaceutical industry. A fully integrated temperature logger label with chip, printed NFC antenna and printed battery supports logging functionality similar to that of a reusable logger, but form factor and product cost enable item level logging.
All these products benefit from a fully integrated Enfucell SoftBattery® with thin and flexible form factor, freedom of design as well as superior peak current and capacity for medical and healthcare, wearables and sports.
Source: Enfucell
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