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Off Grid Energy Independence
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Winners of the 2015 IDTechEx awards on EH, IoT and 3D Printing

Energy Harvesting & Storage and the Internet of Things

Best Technical Development within Energy Harvesting and Storage award
The Best Technical Development within Energy Harvesting and Storage award went to NASA Langley Research Center, in collaboration with the National Institute of Aerospace, Virginia Tech, and North Carolina State University for the development of their multistage force amplification piezoelectric energy harvester, a device with such demonstrated increases in power output, that it is truly advancing piezoelectric energy harvesting power from milliWatts to the Watt level.
Best IoT Technology Development Award
In the category of Best IoT Technology Development, the award was won by Connected Yard and their pHin product line, conceived and developed to simplify caring for swimming pools. In selecting pHin for the honor, judges evaluated specific characteristics, including:
  • Features and complexity of the complete system as well as challenges overcome in implementation. Deployment and maintenance of connectivity and transmission of data from sensors in aquatic environments gained particular attention from the judges.
  • Originality and innovative features of the technology compared to other solutions already available on the market.
  • Addressable market/application space and intricacies specifically related to the operational environment the solution is meant to be deployed in.
pHin consists of a floating water sensor, a mobile app, unique chemical pods and access to an on-demand service network of qualified technicians. pHin simplifies pool maintenance with 24/7 water chemistry monitoring, mobile notifications and convenient chemical delivery. It is estimated that the U.S. market alone comprises more than 14 million residential pools and hot tubs.
Best Application of IoT Award
The Best Application of IoT award went to Eurotech, for their 'Thermo Devices: Control, Monitoring, and Management' suite for the Ariston Thermo Group in Italy. Eurotech offer a remote control that enables users to control the devices in their system at any time by using their smartphone or by accessing a dedicated web page.
In the future, with the data garnered from the system read-outs to the support center application, Ariston Thermo expects to create new service-oriented business models, with recurring revenue.
In this category it was felt that Eurotech offered the most significant value for the user.

3D Printing

Best Development in 3D Printing Equipment Award
The award for Best Development in 3D Printing Equipment went to the US Army (ARDEC and ARL) working with nScrypt, for the development of SuperScrypt - nScrypt 3Dx Series, a 5-axis multi-function heterogeneous printer'. The multi-material, multifunction system, combining 3D printing and traditional manufacturing technologies, and its multi-axis functionality that allows for true 3D printing instead of stacking 2D layers, made this the hands-down choice according to the judges.
Best Development in Materials for 3D Printing Award
Finally the Best Development in Materials for 3D Printing award went to 'Sicrys™ Conductive Inks: Transforming Printed Electronics.' The judges felt that PV Nano Cell's impressive suite of 3D printable materials made it the clear choice for the materials award.the Best Development in Materials for 3D Printing award.
IDTechEx would like to thank all applicants and congratulate the winners, as well as encourage companies developing innovative solutions to apply for next year's awards. For more information please contact Corinne Jennings at
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