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Off Grid Energy Independence
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Off Grid Energy Independence
Posted on January 04, 2011 by Tessa Henderson

Concept bicycle charger for harvesting kinetic and wind energy

Toxicant Materials and Alternatives in Electronics
Fandi Meng, a Chinese industrial designer has designed a concept generator called the i-Green Bicycle Charging System which can be attached to a bicycle. The i-Green harvests kinetic energy from a moving bicycle and converts it to electricity for powering small portable gadgets.
This is not the first bike-powered charger on the market and the Energy Harvesting Journal has previously reported on the Nokia bike charger and the Copenhagen Wheel.
The i-Green device, however, appears to differ in that it includes a portable wind turbine mechanism which could harvest energy from wind at the same time as harvesting kinetic energy.
The i-Green can be attached to and used with any bicycle, but is still in the concept stage and no further details are available.
Images source: Fandi Meng
Tessa Henderson

Authored By: Tessa Henderson

Posted on: January 4th 2011