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Big Questions for IoT Customers at the IDTechEx Show - 10-11 May

Exciting business opportunities are emerging from the confusion that has been the Internet of Things industry for the past 10 years. Many were predicting 'trillions of nodes by 2017' this clearly has not materialised; however, the industry is beginning to move beyond the early adopters and making key strides across several verticals, changing the way we interact with our environment and our industries.
Internet of Things Applications Europe, taking place in Berlin on May 10-11 - - covers the broad range of areas that the IoT world is influencing, the opening session brings together giants like Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Rolls-Royce and IBM to present their latest updates on how the Internet of Things is changing the way they do business and how their revenue streams as changing as a result of the connectivity available to them.
Raspberry Pi will be sharing the many ways their low-cost computers are enabling innovators to bring products to market. While many start-ups are building proof of concept devices and prototypes very quickly, scale up and data analytics prove to be real challenges to new players in the market. DevicePilot will demonstrate their capabilities in rapid market scale up while RTSoft will speak on the challenges of interfacing with embedded software and Oracle will detail ways to transform existing businesses with IoT and how advanced connectivity and analytics are changing the way industries interact based on their deployments in more than 145 countries worldwide.
Communication and security are key areas for companies looking to utilise the Internet of Things for their businesses. Security breaches present problems for consumers and enterprise and Multos will demonstrate how they deal with such challenges and ensure that security is built into products and solutions. Sigfox will demonstrate their approaches to low power wide area networks, enabling thousands of devices to be connected to a single base state, covering incredibly wide areas.
While hardware can be commoditised very quickly, there is huge value to be had in IoT as a service industry, supplying complete solutions, connectivity, and hardware to consumers. Qorvo will discuss how the smart home as a service is enabling applications that produce value in our daily lives providing more security, more comfort, and bring peace of mind.
With an exhibition, conference tracks, and dedicated masterclass sessions on the Internet of Things, book your place now to find out more:, 10-11 May, Berlin.

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Posted on: March 22, 2017

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