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Off Grid Energy Independence
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Only conference on the full range of energy harvesting

Energy harvesting spans microwatts to megawatts because it is the creation of electricity where it is needed using wind, sun, movement, heat difference, friction and other ambient energy. At the high end it is the clean part of off-grid renewable energy: biofuels do not qualify. High power energy harvesting is the subject of the first day of the "Energy Harvesting & Storage" conference in the 3000 delegate, 200 exhibitor IDTechEx Show! in Santa Clara, Nov 18-19 - with its nine parallel conferences on allied topics. External Link
The ultimate objectives of high power energy harvesting are truly heroic. Free fuel for vehicles without them stopping. Much more efficient vehicles because energy from their brakes, engines and shock absorbers that used to go to waste as heat is converted into useful amounts of electricity. Replacement of millions of diesel electricity generators - over 600GW - with something using free energy and totally clean is in prospect. Buildings disconnecting from the grid in order to reduce costs and power cuts and 1.1 billion people without electricity will get it for little or no cost.
The event reflects these amazing possibilities with a keynote overview from IDTechEx chairman Dr Peter Harrop followed by a presentation on the world's first energy harvester that captures movement in all three axes at all power levels. There is a look at wide area flexible photovoltaics and the modern equivalent of the solar panel teamed with a small wind turbine that you see on road signs, buildings and boats. For example, Kitemill of Norway in this truly international event presents on tethered fixed wing aircraft that capture the much stronger and more consistent winds at 300 meters or more. Its tethered fixed wing will use one tenth of the materials in a giant wind turbine on land - one that still cannot reach those better winds.
Nisshinbo Mechatronics of Japan will announce the "Development of a Third Generation Photovoltaic Panel Having Almost 80% of Total Solar Energy Conversion". It is suitable for home electrics. Learn about energy harvesting roads and sound barriers, solar boats, planes and land vehicles, Building Integrated Photovoltaics BIPV.

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Posted on: August 27, 2015

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