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Off Grid Energy Independence
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Kemwatt Wins Off Grid Award At The IDTechEx Show! Berlin

At the end of day 1 of the IDTechEx Show! in Berlin, Kemwatt were the worthy winners of the Best Technical Development Within Off Grid Energy Independence Award for their submission 'The world's first industrial organic flow battery.'
Dr Lorenzo Grande, IDTechEx and Francois Huber, CEO, Kemwatt
The judging panel commented that the Kemwatt entry showed a green and durable battery solution essential for off-grid energy independence. The Kemwatt battery had an impressive number of cycles, combined with a biodegradable electrolyte that does not require cooling (i.e. is not wasting energy for cooling), will require less frequent replacement and is greener for the environment, both essential for energy storage in remote off-grid locations.
CEO, Francois Huber collected the award. "We are delighted by this award. We are convinced that the unique features of our solution will make it compelling in the development of the off-grid energy market, so the recognition by experts in our sector is extremely welcome, especially in our current development stage, as we are selling our first demonstrators."
Enter the next awards at the Santa Clara show - 14-15 November -

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Posted on: April 12, 2018

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