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ZapGo wins IDTechEx award

ZapGo Ltd, in recognition of its Carbon-Ion™ cell technology, was selected as the winner of the IDTechEx award for Best Technical Development Within Energy Storage at the 2018 IDTechEx Show! in Berlin, Germany. This award is given to the most significant technical development within energy storage over the last 24 months as judged by an independent panel of judges. The award was presented at a ceremony at the Estrel Congress Center.
Stephen Voller, CEO and founder of ZapGo, said, "ZapGo is very honoured to have won the award for Best Technical Development Within Energy Storage. This is a recognition of the outstanding team of scientists and engineers in Oxford, UK who have developed our Carbon-Ion technology. ZapGo's Carbon-Ion technology contains no lithium, nickel or cobalt, is fast-charging and safe, lasts 30 years and can be recycled at the end of use."
ZapGo's Carbon-Ion cell technology impressed the judges not only because of its design but also because of its significant safety advantages. They noted ZapGo's technology constitutes a genuine advance over other currently existing energy storage methods such as lithium-ion.
ZapGo's Carbon-Ion cell is a new category of energy storage device that incorporates patented advanced nano-structured carbons, a proprietary ionic electrolyte and improved fabrication techniques for enhanced energy density. Carbon-Ion cells work in a manner similar to supercapacitors, i.e. maintaining their ability to provide rapid charging and long cycle life. However, Carbon-Ion employs different carbon and electrolyte materials than current supercapacitors, which enables them to operate at higher voltages, thereby delivering energy densities that are more in line with current lithium-ion batteries but without any of the fire risk or safety concerns.
About ZapGo Ltd
ZapGo Ltd is a technology company based at the Harwell Research Campus, Oxford with a Charlotte, NC US Office. Using novel nano-carbon materials as well as proprietary electrolytes they produce an ultra-fast, safe, recyclable charging power module that charges in less than five minutes. For more information, please visit External Link.
Top image: Dr Lorenzo Grande, Technical Analyst, IDTechEx and Dr Stephen Voller, CEO and Founder, ZapGo

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Posted on: April 24, 2018

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