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Off Grid Energy Independence
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Harvesting topics at sensor event

At Sensors Expo and Conference June 7-9 in Rosemont Illinois USA, the following topics will be covered in the energy harvesting stream:

Piezo Energy Harvesting: A Glance at High-Efficiency Conversion

Speaker: Jean Frederic Martin, President & Founder ARVENI s.a.s.
  • Understand the stakes of wireless sensor powering: cost & environmental footprint.
  • How to evaluate the mechanical energy surrounding your wireless applications.
  • How to define your specifications in order to be able to screen the right harvester for your applications.
  • The implementation conditions and limits of piezo energy harvesting.
  • The comparative performance of different technologies of harvesters for standards applications.

Nanotechnology for Enhanced Energy Harvesting and Self-Powered Sensing

Speaker: Stephen Horowitz, Program Manager/ Lead Engineer, Miltec Systems
  • New developments in nanotechnology that enable flexible, compact and persistent power sources for wireless sensing.
  • Modern methods for the synthesis of nanofabricated materials and devices.
  • Novel approaches to energy harvesting that are made possible through the use of nanoscale phenomena.

Integrated Energy Harvesting Systems for Autonomous, Energy-Aware, Multi-Band Sensor Networks

Speaker: Abhiman Hande, Principal Engineer, Texas MicroPower, Inc.
Speaker: Pradeep Shah, President, Texas MicroPower, Inc.
Speaker: Raj Bridgelall, Vice President of Engineering & CTO, Axcess International, Inc.
  • Examine multi-source intelligent energy harvesting systems that consists of micro and macro-scale harvesters with efficient power management for multi-band energy-aware sensor networks.
  • Examine thin-film MEMS piezoelectric micro-scale harvesters using sol-gel thin-film processes to maximize piezoelectric voltage and stress constants, and enhance energy output.
  • Learn about new energy harvesting transducer structures that maximize energy harvested from multiple sources with enhanced efficiency for extended sensor lifetime.
  • Learn about new energy-aware sensor node architectures that employ near-field and far-field low power communication protocols in an efficient hybrid star and mesh sensor network.
  • Learn about new applications for energy harvesting systems such as underground unattended sensors, structural health monitoring, and sensors on soldier apparel and wearable electronics.

Energy Harvesting Power Budgets and Battery Benchmarks for Multiple Wireless Technologies

Speaker: Burkhard Habbe, VP Business Development, Micropelt GmbH
  • Understand how to balance available power in light of multiple wireless technologies, protocols and network topologies.
  • Learn how to find and measure thermal energy in many industrial and domestic target environments.
  • Understand the balancing of harvested energy and the target system's power needs.
  • See measured results and practical examples of a variety of wireless systems driven by thermoharvesters.
  • Know how to quickly and easily determine if your application idea is realistic or not.

A New Power Source of Renewable Energy: Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters

Speaker: Arthur Chait, President & CEO, EoPlex Technologies, Inc.
  • How to deal with dead batteries and battery disposal, including economic and safety benefits of tire pressure sensors.
  • Explanation of the miniature energy harvesters that lie in a gap at the miniature scale when manufacturing complex devices with multiple materials and complex geometries.
  • Learn the difficult, costly process building of small, rugged systems to power tire sensors with conventional manufacturing techniques.
  • See a technique to build with metamaterials, or materials that get their properties primarily from microstructure rather than from just their chemistry.

Using a Small Solar Cell for Harvesting and a Supercapacitor for Power Management in a Wireless Sensor

Speaker: Pierre Mars, VP Applications Engineering, CAP-XX (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • How to operate the solar cell near its peak power point.
  • How to correctly size the supercapacitor for a constant power load such as a buck-boost converter,
  • Selection of ICs for high efficiency and low quiescent power consumption, supercapacitor ageing, over voltage protection, balancing and leakage current.

Energy Harvesting Platforms for Configurable Autonomous Sensing in Logistics Applications

Speaker: Jim Vogeley, CEO, AdaptivEnergy LLC
  • Anatomy of an energy harvesting power supply solution and the need for configurable energy harvesting platforms based on application needs.
  • Understanding available ambient energy and application power requirements to enable better matched energy harvesting solutions.
  • Understanding the different wireless protocols for logistics applications and their power requirements.
  • Providing wireless solutions that are adaptable to migrating towards a wide range of autonomous sensors selection to increase market adoption.
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Posted on: March 26, 2010

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