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Consolidation and growth in RTLS and WSN

Recently there has been consolidation in the RTLS and WSN market, with acquisitions of companies such as Aeroscout, MicroStrain and Dust Networks. The companies who are leaders in their technology sphere - such as Ultra Wide Band RTLS, WiFi RTLS, etc have in common the fact that they provide complete system solutions.
Larger integrators have been successful in industrial environments using the latest new wireless hardware and energy harvesting components, but overall the industry is still embryonic. In key topics such as Healthcare and Oil and Gas the return in investment is very strong and adoption is now being rolled out in cookie-cutter style.
The IDTechEx Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS event in Washington DC on November 7-8 covers the enormous range of energy harvesters, radio ICs, energy storage, system software and complete solutions that are available or emerging. The event focuses also on the needs and experiences of end users, with presenters including Shell, The Department of Defense, Intel, GE, US Department of Energy, Bombardier and many others.
For more information attend the Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS event in Washington, DC on November 7-8:

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Posted on: September 28, 2012

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