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Off Grid Energy Independence
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Energy harvesting at eCarTec Munich

ECarTec in Munich is Europe's largest electric vehicle event but it is in decline. Gone are the several stands showing flywheel energy harvesting for trucks and even on trial in a Volvo car, all a derivative of the Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems in Formula One racing cars. No thermoelectrics. However there were a few solar panels for example shown on garages for charging electric cars, some companies offering the whole system and some offering the electronic controls.
One company controls the power without battery storage, any excess being fed directly into the grid. It is amazing that no-one in the electric vehicle industry benchmarks against best elsewhere. For example, look at the yachts in any marina and most have a small wind generator. These should pop up whenever an electric vehicle is stationary. The Fisker Karma was there again with its conventional crystalline silicon solar roof by exhibitor asola giving 100W peak.

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Posted on: October 26, 2012

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