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Off Grid Energy Independence
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Optimizing lighting in buildings: Efficiency, sustainability, control

The lighting market is going through a period of technological change, with semiconductor-based technologies such as LEDs and OLEDs presenting customers with new possibilities in terms of efficiency, quality of light and flexibility. Throw into the equation innovative ways to design, power and manage lighting systems and new lighting paradigms come to life.
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OSRAM has been very heavily involved with the deployment of sustainable energy solutions, delivering value through innovation for building applications of all sizes. Perhaps one of the more impressive deployments was undertaken in order to supply a new lighting system to Zalando, Europe's largest online shoes and clothing retailer. In Erfurt, Zalando opened its largest logistics centre in December 2012, covering a floor area of 120,000 square meters. The system supplied for the building is equipped with modern T5 strip lighting (13,552 luminaires in total) in combination with an intelligent light management system based on occupancy sensing and automated dimming. Overall, it is saving Zalando more than 60% in electricity costs each year compared with lighting without a light management system.

Wireless sensors and energy harvester technologies combine

As sensing becomes wireless (in order to eliminate costs of wiring, retro-fitting etc.) and energy harvesting technologies start to provide reliable sources of power that allows networking hundreds or even thousands of them (as recently demonstrated by Libelium, a WSN company in Zaragoza, Spain), lighting becomes even more sustainable and cost-efficient. A systemic approach shows how cost structures over the complete lifetime of smart power management systems leads to lower bills for power, with many examples not just from OSRAM but also from other integrators, including EnOcean, whose toolkit of energy harvesting technologies has been proven to offer reductions in costs whether in commercial, industrial or residential buildings.
Mr Olivier Prietze, Senior Director at OSRAM, tells IDTechEx that the company has already utilised EnOcean technologies in the past, although not extensively. As the interest is always there for further optimisations in performance, enabled by emerging technologies, Mr Prietze will be discussing the challenges in energy-efficient lighting solutions at the IDTechEx conference on energy harvesting, wireless sensor networks and allied technologies this April 17-18, in Berlin, Germany. The event is part of 7 co-located conferences, including OLEDs LIVE!, focusing on solid state lighting technology, another core-competence of OSRAM.
Sessions dedicated to smart buildings, their infrastructure and the way in which devices, buildings and humans interact with each other within the framework of a smart city will shed light to solutions, requirements and roadmaps from companies including Libelium, EnOcean, General Electric and ABB.
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Posted on: February 14, 2013

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