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Off Grid Energy Independence
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Amazing changes in BIPV and structural electronics

A research team from the University of Kassel in Germany recently developed a building material that simultaneously functions as a photovoltaic cell. Electrographic concrete and fruit juices are involved. In the future, "DysCrete" will be used for the construction of façades and at the same time transform solar energy into electric power.
Heliatek has successfully installed its solar film, HeliaFilm®, on a PVC-based membrane air dome in Berlin, Germany. This opens up a new area of application, building on the company's pioneering work with glass and concrete. PARANET Germany, a leading provider of air domes was an industry partner. The size of the air domes varies from 18 x 18 meters up to 200 x 100 meters. The HeliaFilm® has been affixed with an integrated mounting on the outer shell on 50 square meters, in 2 x 2 meter squares. With a total electrical output of 1.4 kWp, the current project provides about 5 percent of the annual energy demand of the air dome.
For more information on building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) and related structural electronics, see the IDTechEx report Structural Electronics 2015-2025: Applications, Technologies, Forecasts. With many extensive, original tables and diagrams, it gives ten year forecasts for structural electronics and for its key enabling technologies, employed or envisaged, such as printed electronics.
Also, attend IDTechEx LIVE! Europe 2015 the only event giving a broad sweep of the enabling technologies, explaining how there are rich pickings for companies offering the formulations and intermediate materials involved. It takes place in Berlin, Germany, on 28-29 April 2015.
One of the seven co-located events, Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing, concentrates on the totally different future of electric vehicle components and structure, whether the vehicle is hybrid or pure electric. Mechanical, electrical and electronic components are completely changing. For example one presentation covers 3D electronic printing of electric cars and another concerns those structural supercapacitors.
Another co-located event, Energy Harvesting & Storage has lectures on "Smart Functional Materials for Energy Harvesting: from Laboratory to Commercialisation" and "Pavegen - Energy from Your Footsteps". Another covers, "Large Area Transparent Thin Film Thermoelectric Devices for Smart Window and Flexible Applications".
The other co-located conferences also contain relevant presentations and the large combined tradeshow will have 150 exhibitors from across the emerging technology areas.
Masterclasses on the 27 April and 30 April will go into detail about the technologies and markets. The three-hour "Structural Electronics: Markets, Technologies, Opportunities" session explores the applications, needs, enabling materials & components, suppliers, trends and outlook.
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Posted on: February 2, 2015

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