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Off Grid Energy Independence
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Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe 2015

In less than one week, the seventh annual IDTechEx event will provide valuable insight into energy harvesting technologies and their applications. 2,000 attendees are expected and they will have the opportunity to hear end user insights, learn about the progress in commercialising this set of emerging technologies and see the latest products. External Link

Thermoelectric energy generation

Thermoelectric technology developers such as Komatsu and Cambridge Nanotherm will be presenting their work on making new devices, with Nanotherm focusing on developing flexible substrates for generators that is based on aluminum foil with a flexible nanoceramic dielectric surface layer. The first commercial TEGs using Al-Nanoceramic substrates instead of organic film packaging material saw an increase of the device Seebeck coefficient of over 30%. In addition, end users such as Kieback and Peter and system integrators such as ABB will round up a complete view of the value chain, allowing for insights on different stages of product innovation.

Organic PV and dye sensitized solar cells

On the topic of emerging PV technologies, companies like Eight19 and Heliatek will discuss developments on printed but also vacuum deposited solar cells based on organics, with Exeger looking into dye sensitized cells in consumer electronics. Dye sensitized solar cells have been an enabling platform in recent years for pushing forward with solid state dye sensitized cells, also known as perovskite technology, which has experienced tremendous improvements in efficiency and power output, giving a new boost in the research on alternatives to silicon based photovoltaics.
DisaSolar in France will also be presenting, but will focus on product development of the company's multi-coloured, PV powered poster, along with demonstrations of the company's technology capability while Alta Devices will focus on the integration of its GaAs high efficiency technology in wearables.

Enabling the IoT

The co-located event on IoT applications will focus on the realization of projects that are being made possible through innovation in several technology sectors, including energy harvesting and wireless sensors. The Technology Partnership will be presenting in Berlin this year, after winning the 2014 IDTechEx award in Santa Clara, CA last December, for its implementation in Hampshire, UK of a wireless smart lighting control system comprising of over 100,00 zigbee nodes.

Other topics

Other topics covered at the event will include smart windows with presentations from Argil and Arup Deutschland, wireless power and power management developments, as well as the development of software platforms with giants such as Deutsche Telekom. Finally, a highlight of the event will be the case study of the Shell Brands International collaboration with energy harvesting technology company Pavegen that combined kinetic energy tiles and solar energy in order to create the world's first football pitch powered by player's steps, creating new ways of implementing innovation with lasting community impact.
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