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The European IDTechEx Energy Harvesting and IoT Awards 2015

The winners of the 2015 European IDTechEx Energy Harvesting and IoT Awards were announced yesterday in Berlin, Germany during the IDTechEx Show!, which took place at the Estrel Hotel and Convention Center this week. Over 2,000 delegates were in attendance at Europe's premier show on the latest developments in emerging technologies.
The winners of the prestigious awards were:

Best Application of IoT:

The award this year was given to The Technology Partnership (TTP), and its collaboration with Mayflower for the UK deployment of a Zigbee wireless mesh network, the Smart Street Lighting CMS (central management system). With a massive 300,000 nodes currently managing street lights, bollards and signs in the UK and Ireland, and having won the 2014 US award in November last year in Santa Clara, California, TTP managed to impress the judges of the European award as well.
The biggest installation, in Hampshire, has over 90,000 Mayflower nodes fitted, with a further 50,000 to be installed over the next 12 months, making it the largest single street-lighting CMS system in the world.
The judges also made a special mention for the award submission from KPIT and their deployment of an intelligent transportation system in India. This combines vehicle infotainment, GPS telematics and vehicle diagnostics to create a network of connected vehicles. Allowing for an impressive array of benefits, according to the judges, "making such a complex system work in India deserves special praise".
It's worthwhile to note that Volvo Buses India also honored KPIT with the Project development Excellence award back in December 2014.
Richard Sims, Business Manager, Connected Devices, The Technology Partnership

Best IoT Technology Development:

The winner here was Geopal Solutions and the company's intelligent dispatch system that has so far received a very positive response from many customers. GeoPal's IoT-enabled mobility platform and intelligent job dispatch gives businesses with assets in the field the ability to eliminate expensive, reactive maintenance and leads a shift towards a proactive, preventative model of maintenance. With IoT sensors on assets, alarms are raised when assets go out of tolerance, but before they become faulty. These alarms can automatically trigger work orders that are sent to field technicians' mobile devices, maximising asset uptime.
Gerard O'Keeffe, CEO & Co-Founder and Gabor Zelei, Senior Developer, GeoPal Solutions

Best Technical Development within Energy Harvesting and Storage:

The winner of the best Energy Harvesting and Storage Technology Development award was SunPartner, based in Aix-en-Provence, France for its WYSIPS™ technology. SunPartner has received many accolades in the past and seem to be well on track to commercializing the WYSIPS™ technology in high-volume applications, such as smart phones and e-readers. This should give them opportunity to find more innovative uses for their exciting materials.
Marie Guilaume, Sales and Marketing Manager and Grégory Winter, VP Sales in Europe, SunPartner Technologies
Submissions are now being accepted for the Energy Harvesting and Internet of Things USA 2015 awards, which will be held in Santa Clara, California on November 18. For more information on how to submit your entry, please contact Mrs Corinne Jennings at
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