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Off Grid Energy Independence
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Energy harvesting change of emphasis to be explored in Berlin

The IDTechEx Show! in Berlin, 27-28 April ( has over 40 companies exhibiting that are involved in energy harvesting from the materials to the chips. Optional masterclasses will thoroughly cover the subject on the days before and after the two day event and the eight parallel conferences in the event substantially cover energy harvesting.
The conference: Energy Harvesting and Storage - External Link - will open with IDTechEx forecasts of the whole market and then progress through the agenda to high power energy harvesting for buildings and low power energy harvesting for self-powered sensors and the Internet of Things in a huge variety of applications. Here we have giants such as ABB presenting on local harvesting for sensors and Komatsu addressing thermoelectrics from milliwatts to kilowatts. The competition with wireless power delivery is discussed by Imperial College London who will share their research. Large building and infrastructure design and construction company, Arup, reveals the new possibilities in buildings, notably high power, and the self-powering of the tens of thousands of sensors and actuators in large buildings is explored by EnOcean.
Embedded systems are a recurring theme this year from Building Integrated Photovoltaics BIPV to implants in humans and load-bearing structural electronics generally both as batteries and supercapacitors and as several forms of harvesting transducer. The scope is unusually broad and reflecting of new trends spotted by analysts IDTechEx such as many ultra-lightweight forms of EH in Energy Independent Vehicles EIV. Flexible and indoor photovoltaics and new applications.
Regenerative harvesting is one aspect that is covered in the Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing conference, whether in the form of thermoelectrically converting or replacing wasted heat generation within engines, shock absorbers and brakes of electric vehicles. This conference also looks at grabbing 'free' power externally such as wind, waves and sun and making it into electricity to power a vehicle along, particularly with equipment on-board (not the roadside charger) though advanced roadside charging is also covered.
At the IDTechEx Show! in Berlin on 27-28 April, 2500+ attendees, 170+ exhibitors and 200+ presentations will converge. Register your place: External Link
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