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The future of IoT sensors to be showcased in Berlin

The Internet of Things (IoT) is based on the idea that large amount of data will be automatically collected by the objects that surround us. While it may seem like just a concept, hardware companies are developing new technologies to enable sensors to become unobtrusive and low-power. At the upcoming IDTechEx Show! in Berlin (27-28 April 2016), visitors can expect to see the latest innovation in this field.
"IDTechEx brings together technologists and industrial leaders seeking to develop and implement real world solutions" says Ken Vartanian , Vice President of Marketing at Optomec.
Optomec is amongst the 170 companies exhibiting during this two day event dedicated to emerging technologies. The company will present new manufacturing equipment specially designed for IoT.
"LiteOn Mobile Mechanical has implemented mass production systems, based on Optomec Aerosol Jet technology, that are used in the manufacture of consumer electronics devices. The systems, called 3DP, have been operating 24x7 since July 2015 and each system is producing millions of devices," Vartanian says.
The new Aerosol Jet 5X System from Optomec is equipped with a 5-axis coordinated motion platform and provides a flexible and cost efficient method for manufacturing electronics onto a variety of plastic, ceramic and metal 3D structures.
Bill Cummings, VP Marketing & Communications at Thin Film Electronics ASA, will also be promoting new ways to manufacture IoT sensors:
"Thinfilm uses proprietary technology in using printing processes to create NFC chips. This logic is then used with various sensors to detect activities and environmental phenomena, which is captured via a smartphone and transported to the cloud."
Thinfilm has recently partnered with Ypsomed, a Switzerland-based developer and manufacturer of auto-injection systems used by patients who self-medicate.
"Our NFC OpenSense sensor technology is being incorporated into the YpsoMate Smart auto injector to provide critical compliance information to patients and doctors in an effort to improve patient outcomes, enhance the overall quality of care, and reduce costs", he says.

Sensing the environment

Some exhibiting companies will present new sensors that are radically different from what most engineers are familiar with. For instance, ISORG is pioneering organic sensors converting plastic and glass surfaces into smart surfaces. The company will show thin and flexible photodetectors which can be used for large area digital imaging, motion detection, interactive surfaces and light measurement.
Environmental monitoring is another growing trend in IoT. In the Launchpad area, visitors will get a demonstration of how a new generation of tiny gas sensors can measure indoor air quality.
"Our patented micro hotplate technology is based on a CMOS silicon process enabling low power and small size. As a result of this, our sensors can be added to portable products which can be connected to the internet and measurements relayed to the Cloud," says Jess Brown, Sales & Marketing Director at Cambridge CMOS Sensors.
"The opportunity to exhibit in the Launchpad area of IDTechEx gives us a great chance to demonstrate these clear benefits of our ultra-small, ultra-low power sensors to an important industry audience."
Being able to see the technology in action is a clear advantage of attending the event. This is why PST Sensors will be exhibiting again in Berlin and demonstrating their temperature sensing and control solutions based on a Printed Silicon Technology.
"On the show we will have hybrid electronic data logging tags, wirelessly connected sensor/heater arrays, and a serial output digital temperature sensor, as well as printed sensors in wide variety of sizes, shapes and patterns", says David Britton, CTO.
IoT applications include a Bluetooth connected sensor for monitoring the temperature in aging of wine in wooden barrels and a monitoring system for pharmaceutical storage. "It really is a case of temperature sensing in everything, anywhere", he adds.

Energy solutions

Other exhibitors will focus on how to best manage energy in IoT sensors. Ilika has announced that they will use the IDTechEx Show for the global launch of a new solid state micro-battery. The company says it will be licensing its battery technology IP to partners for IoT sensors, targeting sectors such as Smart Building, Medical, Automotive and Transportation.
Analog Devices (ADI), a manufacturer of semiconductor chips will showcase a range of products in sensing, energy harvesting, processing, and connectivity technologies. Michelle Farrington, Director of Energy Harvesting Platform Development, will give a presentation on the "The Evolution of Self-Powered IoT Systems".
Running alongside the main exhibition, the conference will include dedicated tracks on IoT applications and sensor technologies, but also on energy harvesting & storage. Attendees will learn about the latest development in chemical sensors, biosensors, infrared sensors, RFID sensors, printed and large area sensors.
The full list of speakers is available on the event website at:
The IDTechEx Show will take place on 27-28 April at the Estrel in Berlin.
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