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Winners of the IDTechEx Show! USA Awards

The annual IDTechEx Show! USA awards were presented in Santa Clara last week during the drinks reception at the end of day one. Busy conference sessions and a full exhibition hall made for a great day of learning and networking for the 3,000+ delegates.
Dr David Pugh, Technology Analyst at IDTechEx hosted the ceremony with Director of IoT Technologies, Arm, Mr Andrew Frame, presenting the awards to the winning companies.
The following awards were given:
Best Technical Development within Energy Harvesting went to IFTL for their paper on Universal Energy Harvesting - Powering the IoT Revolution. President and CEO, Mr Nobuaki Komatsu, CEO, collected the award.
The judges were impressed with the originality of the work relative to the other applicants. The IFTL PV technology builds on decades of innovation on solar energy harvesting and pushes the limit of power output towards levels that would enable even further penetration, proliferation of deployments as reduction of carbon emissions, and sustainability become more and more critical. One of the panel commented: 'Photovoltaic cells that efficiently harvest electricity not just from visible spectra but also from invisible spectra, enabling a wide-range of devices with multiple objectives to operate continuously, even in very low-light indoor conditions.'
The Best Technical Development within Energy Storage was awarded to Eaton with their work entitled: Eaton Supercapacitors Provide Cloud Computing & Data Center Reliability for Enterprise and Consumers. Jason Lee, Global Product Manager-Supercapacitors, from Eaton accepted the award.
The new developments in high-performance supercapacitors caught the judges' attention.
Eaton commented that a short runtime back-up power solution has traditionally meant high-maintenance batteries, or a less efficient mechanical flywheel with very high maintenance costs. They feel that the Eaton supercapacitor solutions offer low operating cost, high efficiency and environmentally-friendly energy storage. Data-center operators get a great return on investment!
In the category of Most Significant Innovation - Electric Vehicles, the winner was: Energica Motor Co. for their work on Energica Eva EsseEsse9: the first electric "old-school" high-performing motorcycle, with the award being picked up by Stefano Benatti, CEO, Energica Motor Company Inc.
The judges chose this entry "...for developing an innovative e-motorbike with an advanced battery cooling system"
Energica Motor Co. feels that with these technologies the EsseEsse9 creates a new segment inside EV's market.
IDTechEx would like to thank all applicants and congratulate the winners, as well as encourage companies developing innovative solutions to apply for the next awards - IDTechEx Show! Europe, 11-12 April, Estrel Convention Center, Berlin - For more information please contact Corinne Jennings at

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