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Energy Harvesting & Storage - WSN & RTLS Summit USA 2010: At a glance

IDTechEx Energy Harvesting & Storage and the WSN & RTLS Summit USA 2010 conference and exhibition are only a few weeks away now, and the programme is already full of a wide array of speakers, representing different industries and requirements from energy harvesting devices as well as implementations of wireless sensor networks. The co-location of the two conferences brings together all the developments in the area of energy harvesting and management along with the applications that are by far the most obvious ones to benefit from them.
Industry leaders in the field of wireless sensor networks such as General Electric and Emerson will be discussing case studies and the growth of the number of implementations in industrial applications, along with the necessary advances that will lead to more widespread adoption. On the other hand, speakers from companies like Infinite Power Solutions and Rockwell Collins will be discussing power management and the challenges posed by the variety of possible applications. Rockwell Collins in specific is actively involved in research for energy and power storage for soldier systems, a sector that has very specific and stringent requirements from the devices utilized due to the variety and extreme nature of some of the environments these components would face.
Talking of stringent requirements and extreme environments, no other industry would probably compare to the demands of the aerospace industry. Presentations coming from Boeing and NASA among other speakers will be focusing on energy harvesting issues as experienced in an aircraft cabin, taking into account the unique operating environments that aircraft have to function in. The operating conditions give rise to specific requirements that are translated into critical demands from materials, manufacturing techniques and overall robustness of components utilized.
The diversity of topics covered at the conference continues: energy harvesting from biological sources; thermoelectric & solar energy harvesting; betavoltaics; combined harvesting from multiple sources and the low power electronics that are being developed in order to facilitate the use of harvesters; wireless sensor network case studies and RTLS implementations from leaders of the industry are just a few more of the themes of the event. With a large exhibition and masterclasses followed by local company visits in the thriving area around Boston and Cambridge, MA, this event is not to be missed.
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