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New advances to be presented at Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS Europe

Further information is coming in on the remarkable advances and new analysis that will be announced at "Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS Europe" in Munich 26-27 May, which is twinned with "Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe".
For example, Ryohei Sato, Researcher, R&D Business Development Office of NYK Line, Japan, is presenting on "Active RFID+Display+Location for Automotive Logistics" covering how active RFID enables long distance communication and how its display can be an alternative to legacy paper labels.
Location detection is an essential requirement for logistics operations and the new NYK system dramatically improves efficiency in automotive logistics. He says, "I am going to present several updates of Japan's national project called "Ubiquitous Tokku", of which this is a part and give future perspectives. In our new concept, we are going to link the tag information and the displayed information in real time, so we can always understand latest information without using any additional device such as handheld readers/scanners. We believe this new concept is intuitive for operators and that it will contribute to easier operation."
Raghu Das, CEO of analysts IDTechEx which stages the joint event, says, "I shall present latest ten year forecasts of the energy harvesting and wireless sensor markets, including some surprises. For example there is a huge amount of research on piezoelectric harvesting including vibration harvesting and other movement harvesting, even for mobile phones, but it has yet to reflect in more than a small market share. I shall point to where there is huge success already and how that may change in future."

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Posted on: May 12, 2010

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